Giving our little humans BIG voices:
Tailored speech therapy for a neurodiverse world


Hello! My name is Trisha!

With a decade of experience, I specialize in empowering children of all ages and abilities to discover their voices. As a neurodiversity affirming therapist, I am committed to recognizing and respecting the diverse ways in which people experience and interact with the world.

I deliver tailored and evidence-based speech therapy that adapts to each child’s unique needs and interests. Whether at home, school, or daycare, I provide flexible services across Surrey, Langley, and Cloverdale.

Contact me today to see how I can help your child communicate with confidence and joy!

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"Play gives children the opportunity to practice what they are learning"

- Fred Rogers

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Tailored speech therapy for your child

Children learn best when they are having fun! I believe that speech and language sessions should be fun, engaging, and tailored to your child's specific interests and needs.


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empowering parents

No one is more of an expert on your child than you. Together we will decide on goals, and tailor sessions to your child's stage of development. Over time, you will not only be an expert on your child but also how to facilitate your child's speech and language development. Our goal is always to empower parents and caregivers with knowledge and skills to be able to facilitate the child's language during everyday routines and outings.

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we come to you

Sessions will take place where your child feels most comfortable! We can come to your home or your child's daycare or school. This also allows us to liaise with family members and teaching staff so that everyone can learn how to best facilitate your child's speech and language development!

What parents are saying...

Kind, caring & understanding

Trisha is a fantastic human, and very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with littles with ASD. I can honestly say the best move we have made for our girls was hiring Trisha to work with them. Trisha builds a connection with each child, works at their pace, and uses their interests to help build their skills. She even encourages parent involvement during sessions. In our short time with Trisha (so far) our girls have gone from practically mute to using some words and babbling up a storm. We highly recommend Trisha to anyone looking for a kind, caring, and understanding SLP.

Sabrina & Scott

From words to sentences

Trisha has been Austin’s Speech Therapist since around the beginning of his kindergartener year and Austin has dramatically improved his speech since starting speech therapy. I’m really happy at all the progress he’s made and I’m really happy that she was able to accommodate working with him at his after school care program. It works really good for my schedule as I work till past 5 every day so it would be difficult otherwise. Austin has formed a great relationship with Trisha and enjoys working with her. I feel like I got really lucky with everything working out the way it did with creating a schedule that works well with mine. Austin went from saying 2 and 3 words to almost full sentences and for the most part I can understand almost everything he says and can have a conversation with him now. Im really happy with all the progress made.


Above expectations

My son is autistic, we met Trisha when he was 3 years old. At the time he could not string a sentence together and we were anxious about his future. Trisha worked intensively and patiently with him, week after week, and now (he’s 10) he speaks fluently and is working above expectations for his age! We are truly grateful for this wonderful person and what she has done for my son especially, but for us as a family. She is truly gifted!


First Words

It was a pleasure having Trisha as my son’s SLP. She’s very professional and approachable at the same time. My son always enjoyed his time with her because she uses play during therapy sessions and takes time to know my son’s interests and likes. The flow of each session is so natural that my son thinks they’re just playing. Also, her advice and recommendations are very practical that they’re easy to practice at home. I’ve seen tremendous growth in my son’s communication skills during his time with Trisha. He went from not speaking at all to speaking 1-2 words and independently requesting.


Stuttering and Lisp

Trisha worked with my 4-year-old son over the course of one year on his interdental lisp, stuttering, and overall communication skills. She was exceptionally patient and kind with my son who was quite hesitant to participate. However, after just two sessions, he was very willing to go to his lessons and participate in the activities and games. I appreciated that Trisha kept me updated with weekly written communication detailing what they worked on, where he was improving, and what needed more practice. Trisha set up the framework and motivation (yes prizes!) for my son to take his home practice assignments seriously. Thank you so much for improving his self-confidence and ability to share his ideas, we couldn’t have done it without you!