If you work with children or have children, you are probably just as terrified as I am at the thought of letting those children use Google.  On the one hand, Google is an amazing resource that hold a wealth of information and images that can be so useful for teaching children about new concepts while on the other hand, there's a high risk that something inappropriate might show up in the result, particularly if you are searching for images.

'Kiddle' to the rescue!

Kiddle.co is a visual search engine for kids which is powered by Google.  You can search the web, or search for images, news and videos.

A couple of my students are learning about wild animals right now so let's pretend that I want to show them images of a cougar.  We can type 'cougar' into Kiddle, click on 'Images' and images of cougars will show up.  All kid friendly!

On the other hand, if you type the same into Google...

EEEK! Let's just say that I wouldn't want my students to see those images on top!

Kiddle is going to be my go-to search engine in my speech therapy sessionsfrom now on.  I hope that you find it useful too!

Kiddle – A search engine for kids

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